We Take Fine Spirits Sales Personal

Our mission is simple: convert your brand awareness into sales by engaging consumers through a brand specific platform.

We’re the link your e-commerce plan has been missing! At Cask and Barrel Club, we offer consumers access to the world’s finest spirits by partnering with alcoholic beverage brands to build custom online shops to optimize sales from their digital marketing and advertising strategies.

Don't get lost in the crowd

Why be one of Many when you can be the only one?

Brands, you deserve more than a shared space on a multi-label catalogue website. Cask and Barrel Club builds a brand specific and personalized online shop for each brand we work with. With a shop on Cask and Barrel Club, the traffic driven from your digital marketing and advertising efforts will result in sales for your brand, and your brand only.

How do we know? Because we're sharing the data with you. We provide you with full access to Google Analytics, customer data and sales reports. You can identify high value networks and content, track user interaction, and tie it all back to your bottom line revenue.

catering to brands and their fans

Cask and Barrel Club's Platform

What's Included:

Brand specific domain
Fully customized online shop
Full-service fulfillment
Advanced customer service
Full access to real-time sales & customer data
Full access to Google Analytics
Search Engine Optimization
Automated cart abandonment email
Point of sale packaging

Advanced Features:

Personalized packaging
Pre-sale offers
Product launches
Marketing plugins
Loyalty programs
Brand merchandise fulfillment

something for everyone

Join the Club

Consumers, we know you want the ability to purchase fine spirits on an easy-to-use web shop. By partnering with the alcoholic beverage industry’s leading brands, we are able to offer a seamless online shopping experience– from click to clink.

one-of-a-kind online shops

Innovation is our spirit animal

Our team of industry experts have lead the way in innovative solutions for alcohol sales and marketing. Cask and Barrel Club is the first-ever brand specific e-commerce solution, and we’re confident that your brand will benefit from our strong roots as well as our forward-thinking vision.

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