About Us

Our team at Cask & Barrel Club has been making lasting impressions in the alcoholic beverage industry for over 30 years.  We are an innovative and seasoned group of professionals with experience handling the needs of a variety of clients. Our work in the alcoholic beverage industry has demonstrated significant achievement, and garnered lasting results, and we hope to provide you with outstanding services for your business.

Our goal is simple: turn the brand awareness you’ve already built into tangible, bottom-line results for your business. We created a platform that allows each brand to have its own tailored space, instead of grouping them all together on generic shared pages.

How it works

The recipe is simple…
You market your products, we handle the rest


Connect with us

Send us your brand information and we’ll strategize the best e-commerce solution for your business.


Set it up

Our team will help set up your brand for e-commerce success through our innovative platform.


Start Selling

Go live and start selling your product to consumers across the United States.

Join the Club

What's Included

Being a part of the Cask & Barrel Club comes with access to our team of experts and strategists, and you will also receive:

Branded Domain

Your customers will get to shop directly from an exclusive online store. No need to worry about any competition.

Full-Service Fulfillment

We’ll oversee the entire fulfillment process to ensure your customers receive their orders with ease.

Customer Service

Should there be anything your customers need help with, we’ll be there to assist.

Full access to real-time sales & customer data

With full access to your data, you’ll be able to monitor your sales as they happen and learn more about your customer base.

Search Engine Optimization

Expand your reach and brand awareness by increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your brand’s page.

Fully customized online shop

We’ll create a customizable and scalable online shop that is unique to your brand and true to the message you want to send your target audience.

Point of sale packaging

Enhance the order delivery experience to create a unique experience for your customers.

Automated cart abandonment email

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to nudge your potential customers a little more. We’ll help set up automatic emails to help remind them about their purchase.

Full access to Analytics

Get direct access to your real-time analytics for your brand and monitor customer activity and engagement any time you want.

Advanced features

Everything we offer is intended to help you grow your business and increase your sales. While we create solutions for your e-commerce business, you can focus on getting creative with how you attract new customers and differentiate your products from your competitors.

  • Personalized packaging
  • Pre-sale Offers
  • Product Launches
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Brand Merchandise Fulfillment
  • Marketing Plugins
  • Tracking/Pixelation